You know when you get that feeling that something is missing?

Well that’s how we’ve been feeling about the games room ….. until now. We are very happy to announce the arrival of a competition sized (12’x6′) Snooker table.  Soooo cool.

In the first few months after we opened the games room was a bit of a poor cousin the the rest of the farm and we have been really keen to make it a retreat for kids, young adults and parents alike.

The room is located in the lowest floor and takes up almost the entire footprint of the farmhouse.  There is a large screen TV for watching free to air or plugging in any games devices you wish to bring along and the mandatory ping pong table.  Lounges that you can configure anyway that suits, including taking them outside to sit in the sun and fresh air.

Last school holidays Anna and I were like kids at Christmas as we waited for the truck to arrive carrying the latest addition to the games room.  Then in it came one piece at a time and skillfully re-built by the experts from Tablesport.  I think it is the room’s piece de resistance although Anna’s vinyl LP wall could rival it.

The bunks are on that level, so it’s a great spot for teenagers, and there is a bathroom and toilet as well.  What it has done is provide a whole new aspect to the Bundara Farm experience.  We’d love to hear what you think is the best part of the games room and any ideas to make it even better.

November 2015