“Just a freshen up.” she said, but what Anna really meant was “Lets take it to the next level.”

Before our first guests in 2015 we worked hard to deliver the wow factor that so many of our guests have commented on. Most of the work was focussed on the interior of the Homestead but I can now see Anna had a list of surprises that would delight our guests even more.

The Homestead has been painted white and it looks stunning. It was a huge job that just kept unfolding…. “Why don’t we replace the deck and balustrade?” I had no idea how good it would look. It’s a knockout! The new deck evokes the feel of a grand old homestead and with new lighting has a classic opulence.

We haven’t stopped listening either. Anna is always open to any ideas that might make the experience better still. We have installed reverse cycle air conditioning in the living areas to provide instant heat while the open fire gets going and provide real comfort on those scorching hot days through Christmas and New Year, along with new fly screens to keep out even the tiniest of bugs.

The cottages have got some serious love too. New floors and a fresh coat of paint have given them a soft coastal feel, and “While we’re at it, we might as well redo the kitchen and bathroom in Waverley.” she said. And since the floors need replacing “How about new log fires as well?” All that and some beautiful art in both cottages makes them feel like home.

I don’t know what’s next (and frankly I’m afraid to ask) but I do know Anna has a lot more ideas to keep Bundara out of the ordinary. Come and have a look.

Until next time, Greg.

September 2018