I can’t believe it! I’ve fallen for the old “just a freshen up” again! 

But this time Anna’s taken the Bundara to the next level.

When Covid-19 hit, our guests had no choice but to move or cancel bookings for the foreseeable future. So during lockdown we moved the family out of Sydney and into Berry where we could enjoy the country life while everyone schooled and worked remotely.

Anna was left with time to reflect on her vision for the farm and saw the opportunity to bring forward plans we had for 2021 and undertake some serious renovations immediately. So within 10 days we had firmed up the scope, found a builder keen to take on a high-end renovation and started demolition. Ten bathrooms, four kitchens, re-plumbed, new ceilings and floors, stairs, lighting and more. What could possibly go wrong?

Jump forward four months and it’s really difficult to say which part of the renovation is my favourite. The deck provides a graceful transition from the house to the garden and up to The Long Table, and completes this outdoor experience. Yet Anna’s reimagining of the lower level has transformed it from a popular games room to a lush, moody Cellar that swings from warm and inviting lounge space to hosting a sophisticated soiree or intimate banquet for all guests at the farm. I’m torn, but it’s a happy conundrum.

You may also notice a few changes in the gardens as well. Half way through the reno, Anna must have seen me sitting down taking a breather and, obviously thinking that I was stuck for something to do, she outlined her plans. Once I regained consciousness and had a cuppa, it was out with the old to make way for a more structured, classic style that matched the new look house. Timing could not have been better as we rolled into spring and the new plants and grassed areas have taken well, providing a more mature look than we could have hoped for.

I’m regularly pinching myself as I move through the property as there is little that has not been reworked and polished.

Well done Babe!